Improve your UI and UX of your Rails apps with the articles focusing on Tailwind CSS, Stimulus and Hotwire.

  1. Add a “X is writing…” with Rails and Turbo
  2. Create a String to Color Helper with Ruby
  3. Rails Designer V1 is here!
  4. Add a custom Tailwind CSS class for reusability and speed
  5. UI Design Tips Using Tailwind CSS for Developers
  6. When to use `link_to` and `button_to` in Rails
  7. How to add “Save and add another” feature to Rails apps
  8. How to Create an Undo Action with Rails
  9. How Layouts Work in Rails
  10. How to disable Rails Form's `.field_with_errors`
  11. Update a Progress Bar using Turbo Streams (using Custom Actions)
  12. PayPal is Now Accepted
  13. Lesser Known Rails Helpers to Write Cleaner View Code
  14. Communicating between Stimulus Controllers using Outlets API
  15. Customize the Turbo Progress Bar
  16. Inline SVG Icons in Your Rails App
  17. Custom Confirm Dialog For Turbo and Rails
  18. Simple Preferences to Any Resource for Rails
  19. How to Create a Stimulus Toggle Class Controller
  20. How to Add Disabled State to Buttons with Turbo & Tailwind CSS
  21. New in Rails Designer: the Command Menu Component
  22. How to Work with Forms inside Forms in Rails
  23. Hidden Gems of Tailwind CSS
  24. ViewComponent over Turbo Stream Broadcasts
  25. Hello 100 Rails Designers!
  26. Introducing Rails Icons: One Gem to Rule Them All
  27. Guide to Slots in Rails' ViewComponent
  28. Easy Peasy Form Validation Errors with Rails Turbo Frames (modals)
  29. Data-Attributes Magic with Tailwind CSS & Stimulus
  30. How to Toggle Multiple CSS Classes with Stimulus
  31. How to Properly Structure Stimulus Controller
  32. Make Your Rails App Future Proof: Move From React to Hotwire
  33. Custom Meta Titles in Rails Apps: A Quick Guide
  34. Flash Messages (notifications) in Rails Apps
  35. Why choose ViewComponent over Rails partials
  36. Conditionally Add CSS Classes in Your Stimulus Controllers
  37. Conditionally Add CSS Classes to Your Views and Components
  38. How to add a skeleton UI to Rails with Turbo
  39. How to add Hotkeys to your Rails App with Stimulus
  40. Favicons in Rails Apps: the 2024 way
  41. The missing UI Components Library for Rails: Introducing Rails Designer
  42. Missing Styles from Tailwind CSS in ViewComponent?
  43. How to create Modals with Rails and Hotwire (and Tailwind CSS)
  44. Quicktips for ViewComponent with Tailwind CSS/Hotwire