Rails Designer V1 is here!

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6 months and many, many early adopters later, and a long one-month holiday from yours truly, V1 is here! 💃

Rails Designer started at v0.5.1. The versions before that were internal that only I used to built my various, successful SaaS products.

Before the release of 0.5.1, multiple dozen people purchased, for a big discount, Rails Designer without getting immediate access! That was enough validation for me to switch gears and make Rails Designer ready for all of you.

Fast-forward a few months and Rails Designer now sees dozens of new customers every week! Possibly making it my most successful side-project to date. 🤯

With the release of V1, I am also removing the early-adopters discount on both packages. Solo is now just $99 and Team is only $299! Yes, probably way too cheap, but as mentioned Rails Designer is a side-project that I really enjoy working on. So the more people and teams can use it, the better. 🤗

Preview of the configuration panel for the DropdownComponent, with the options to change values like position, theme and container CSs

See everything that’s new in V1 in the changelog.

Rails Designer is a professional UI components library for Rails

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UI components for Ruby on Rails apps

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