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Get access to Rails Designer's current and new components with a simple one-time price. Today is a great day to start to build beautiful, faster.


How does it work?

Rails Designer is packaged as a private gem. The gem comes with a generator to copy components to your app from the library (or manual, like so: bin/rails generator rails_designer:component Elements::Avatar). You can then tweak the component however you want or choose one of the many variants from the library in the gem.

What's up with the launch discount?

Until Rails Designer v1 is released it will be available for a big discount! V1 is getting pretty close though: mostly around tidying up some APIs and a few more components to be included.

When is V1 ready?

Soon! Currently a few components, I want to included, are in the works. Also extending some component variants, to make sure the API is solid, but versatile. Lastly, I want to include some improvements on making the variants more customizable and not rely on static data. That all being said: Rails Designer is already solid and used by many professionals.

Can I use Rails Designer with my team?

Yes, the Team Plan is made for teams. You can share the unique API key with your team. All components are available, via the Components Library, inside your app to all your developers (eg. /rails_designer/).

Can I upgrade to Team from Solo?

Sure. Just reach out and I’ll send you a discount code to cover the price difference.

What does “Includes free updates” mean?

Updates within the 1.x series are free. Upgrades to 2.x and beyond may be available at a reduced rate for current users.

What are the tech specs?

All components are as vanilla-Rails as possible. This means ERB and no external gems for view-related code (other than ViewComponent). There are some third-party packages used for the included Stimulus controllers. For Ruby code Standard is used, and for JavaScript Eslint. Tested against Ruby (3.0.0), Rails (~> 7.0), Tailwind CSS (~> 2.3) and ViewComponent versions (~> 2.3).

Where can I find my invoice?
Can I hire you to help us with our Rails product?

I allocate limited time to help small Rails team with Product Engineering. Anything from improving the UI, to upgrade to the Hotwire stack. Get in touch to talk details.

Who is behind this?

That is me, Eelco 👋 I’m a designer, turned developer, turned founder of multiple successful SaaS businesses. Currently running Spinal and Helptail (and some smaller ones). Rails Designer has all the UI goodies I wish I have when I start building (SaaS) Rails apps. Now you can do too!

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