Make Your Rails App Future Proof: Move From React to Hotwire

Abstract visualization of a Rails application's transformation from complex React structures to simplified ViewComponent and Hotwire, represented by a shift in color from reds and oranges to blues and greens, symbolizing streamlined code and improved team morale.

You’ve bought into the hype that React promised when it was introduced. And yes, it was great! But over time, it got more complicated, and your team started to ship at a slower pace. This is not only hurting your business but your team’s morale too.

Rails (and Ruby) were made with developer happiness in mind. You can get it back again!

Let’s move your Rails app from React to ViewComponent and Hotwire.

ViewComponent gives you the small UI components that you love. Hotwire gives you the reactivity that is so great about React. And best of all? Almost no JavaScript to be written!

I can help you with the migration. I’ve been part of teams that used React in their (Rails) apps before 2016. But have since adopted ViewComponent and Hotwire from the first day of release for my own (successful) Rails apps.

I want you to be able to use Rails Designer, so I help you move away from React. You gain a leaner codebase and a happier team.

How does it work?

  • On a call, let’s talk through your struggles with React and discuss your app.
  • A quote is generated based on the scale/scope of your project (free access to Rails Designer included!).
  • You agree, we get to work together!

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