What is Hotwire?

Hotwire is an innovative approach to building modern web applications with minimal JavaScript by leveraging the power of HTML over the wire. Developed by the creators of Ruby on Rails, Hotwire consists of three main components: Turbo, Stimulus, and Strada, which work together to enable fast, efficient, and rich interactive web applications.

Turbo handles the HTML updates and navigation within your application, Stimulus provides a framework for adding JavaScript functionality to HTML elements, and Strada facilitates mobile app integrations.

Hotwire is particularly beneficial for Rails applications, as it integrates smoothly with the Rails workflow, allowing developers to build sophisticated web interfaces with less JavaScript, reducing complexity and enhancing maintainability. This approach not only accelerates development time but also improves the performance and responsiveness of web applications.

Interested in integrating Hotwire into your Rails projects, further information is available on the official website.