UI Components Library for Jumpstart Pro

Preview of the Rails Designer Components Library; showing the dropdown component (in the Elements category)

Starting a Rails project with Jumpstart Pro? Awesome choice! Now, let’s make it even better. Imagine having a set of UI components that just…fit. That’s what you find here. No more wrestling with design or UI components library that have you wrangle to make it work with your Rails app.

Why Rails Designer Rocks for Jumpstart:

  • Fits Like a Dream: Jumpstart has Tailwind CSS included, that’s what is powering Rails Designer too.
  • Flexibility Is Key: Want to tweak the look or feel? Go for it. Rails Designer’s components are all about making your project truly yours.
  • Save Time: Jump straight to the fun part of building, with pre-made components that look awesome right out of the box.
  • Got Your Back: Need a hand or an update? You’re covered. Rails Designer grows and gets better, just like you.

There’s a whole bunch of UI goodies waiting—check out a preview of all components.

Ready to give your Jumpstart Pro project that extra spark? Purchase Rails Designer today.

UI components for Ruby on Rails apps

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  • One-time payment

  • Access to the entire library

  • Built for Ruby on Rails

  • Designed with Tailwind CSS and enhanced with Hotwire

  • Includes free updates (to any 1.x version)

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