Installing Rails Designer

Installing Rails Designer can be done with just one command (keep your personal Rails Designer API key ready):

rails app:template LOCATION=""

If you want to add Rails Designer manually, just follow the next steps.

1. Add the Rails Designer gem to your Gemfile

source "" do
  gem "rails_designer", "~> 0.12.0"

2. Add the API Key you received via email

Please note: At the moment, setting up your account and creating your API key requires a manual process on my end. I understand you’re eager to get started, and I appreciate your patience. If your API key isn’t immediately emailed to you, don’t worry, I’ll send it to you as as soon as I can.


This is using Bundler’s configuration keys under the hood. Other ways to store the Rails Designer API key are:

  • bundle config set --global <api_key>
  • or using basic authentication, like so: source "https://<api_key>" do

It’s advised against employing the Rails Designer API key for basic authentication, as this method significantly increases the likelihood of it being exposed publicly.

3. Bundle to fetch the Rails Designer gem


4. Run the Rails Designer install command

rails generate rails_designer:install

This will create the configuration file config/initializer/rails_designer.rb and add the route to the Rails Designer engine. Check out this article about the initializer.


Use the --help flag to view the command’s help.

rails generate rails_designer:install --help