Rails Designer is packaged as a (private) gem, so updating is the same as any other gem you have installed.

Steps to upgrade

  1. Update the Gemfile: Open your application’s Gemfile and locate the rails_designer gem declaration inside the custom source block. Update the version specifier from ~> 0.11.0 (previous version) to ~> 0.12.0 (latest version) as shown below:
source "" do
  gem "rails_designer", "~> 0.12.0"
  1. Bundle: Run the following command in your terminal to update the rails_designer gem to version 0.12.0.

That’s it!

Update a component

If a component that’s already in your app was updated, run the generator and use Git to spot the differences between “yours” and “theirs”.

Post-upgrade steps

  1. Test your application thoroughly to ensure that the upgrade did not introduce any UI regressions or compatibility issues;
  2. Consult the changelog for version 0.12.0 to learn about new features, improvements, and any necessary changes to your application code.